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Supporting combined roof passage H.700


The "SUPPORTING ROOF PASSAGE H.700" is a double-walled element of increased thickness, containing high-grade insulation density, i.e. with higher insulation performance, which becomes an integral part and component of the chimney in the passage of smokes inside it (for the thickness see the table relating to the required diameter). This element is fixed to the roof or to the attic, by means of special support brackets (with insulating silicate between flammable materials and brackets to avoid the transmission of heat by contact); the brackets are adjustable both in inclination and in height by means of special grip points predisposed in the element necessary for the adjustment itself. In the upper and lower part of the "SUPPORTING ROOF PASSAGE H.700" the elements of the ECO25 series must be installed with the correct diameter required for installation, using the connections already prepared, thus making the system unique. This element is suitable both in the preparation phase of the future chimney system with the finished roof part, both during the installation phase of the complete chimney, where there is a particular need to support the weight of the same, so that it does not affect the underlying part (e.g. ceiling installation with thermal device perpendicular to the chimney). In this way the insulation safety of the parts subject to possible fire is further guaranteed, in particular if it occurs lack of proper maintenance of the ECO25 chimney as required by the current standard (UNI EN 10683), or in case of incorrect installation by the end user, for example by not maintaining the minimum distances required and declared in the DOP. The element "SUPPORTING ROOF PASSAGE H.700" complies with the regulations only if installed in combination with the twin wall chimneys M.T. ECO25

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