The Company

The company M.T. Srl was born in 1996 from the entrepreneurial spirit of Mr. Romano Caoduro and his associates, thanks to the twenty-year experience of its founders and his competent workers in the sector of chimney systems.

Since the beginning, the company MISSION is given by the constant search for the highest quality: materials wisely chosen according to the use to which they will be destined, suppliers attentive to the achievement of the targets established by the management, production management and data flow aimed at minimizing waste and inefficiencies working environment, as well as state-of-the-art software for sizing chimneys.

These are the principles on which the company’s work is based, which has as its final purpose the obtaining of the standards for the certification of M.T. products.

In fact, for years, the ability of M.T. Srl in producing stainless steel and copper products is meticulously certified by the appropriate certification bodies and laboratories. To this consolidated know-how, it is also added a deep expertise in the field of processing other materials with very high value, first of all TITANIUM, the definitive metal to eliminate any corrosion problem in the chimney, thus making it virtually eternal.

The flexibility that characterizes the company M.T. has always been fundamental, because it allows to face the particular requests of each individual customer, offering customized and targeted solutions, direct consequences also of the creativity and speed of the specialized technicians that M.T. Srl boasts in its staff since its foundation.

The continuous drive to improve individual items and the various product lines to achieve maximum customer satisfaction did not stop there: it has recently resulted in the acquisition of a EUROPEAN PATENT for a new type of coupling applied to pipes with LARGE DIAMETER.

This is unequivocally the spirit that distinguishes the attitude of M.T. Srl towards the market and the challenges it poses, even in times of crisis or difficulty: to create innovation, to develop new ideas that can compete with large industrial companies and, in any case, to believe without any doubt that dedication to work and skill in executing it are the origin of both the successes it had in the past and those that the company will certainly have in the future.

Recently, the company has taken on a new family dimension with the entry into the corporate structure of Mr. Romano’s sons, Michele and Maurizio, who carry on their father’s teachings with great skill and wisdom, and they implement them day by day with a spirit of innovation and attention to research and development, to constantly strengthen and expand what has been achieved so far both in the Italian and foreign market.