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Alluminio rigido


“Alluminio rigido” system is made up of some rigid modular elements in aluminum, color enamelled white or black externally, thickness of 1 mm. It is generally installed on systems where the temperatures of smokes outlet are lower than 200°C. (ex: traditional combustion gas appliances). It can also be used as a combustion air intake for the generator and/or as an exposed hot air ducting. The elements have a male-female "glass slip on coupling" with a triple-lip seal seat.


  • Flue pipe,
  • connecting flue pipe,
  • for evacuation of humid fumes deriving from atmospheric,
  • pressurized or blown air generators,
  • and/or kitchen hoods for domestic use

Fuels and product use suitable for

Application of the product

Available diameters

60 – 80


Included and installed on both diameters 60 and 80.

Designation of the product

Product marking according to the European rule: CE 0476 EN 1856-2.

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Alluminio rigido

Description of the product

A: Rigid Aluminum white and/or black color
B: Thickness 1 mm D.60 and D.80
C: T° Max 200°C
D: Silicone gasket from (-90°C to +200°C)

Alluminio Rigido

Use with gasket

EN 1856/2 09 : T200 – H1- W – Vm – L13100 – O – 60
T200: Class of temperature (200°C)
H1: Class of pressure (P1: 5000Pa)
W: Resistance and condensation tightness (W: wet)
Vm: Resistance to corrosion (No)
L13: Specification of the material (Aluminum EN AW 6060)
100: Thickness of the material (100 thickness 10/10)
O: Resistance to soot fire (O: no – G: yes)
60: Distance from combustible materials in mm (60mm)