PPinox-10 PPrame-10


"PPinox-10 and PPrame-10" system is composed of concentric rigid modular elements with BA glossy finish externally, (copper on request) with internal wall in white polypropylene diameters 80 or 100, and standard thickness 0,4 mm in Aisi 304 for the external wall.The elements comply with the standards required by the CE marking according to the EN 14471 standard. The POLYPROPYLENE is coated and protected by the stainless steel coating forming a circular cavity of 10mm which remains empty for the sole purpose of protection. The elements have a male-female "glass slip on coupling" with a triple-lip seal seat. For the outer wall, a mechanical seal joint is guaranteed through the use of the locking band. The system is certified to resist to acid condensation, and must be applied in plants (condensing gas) with maximum working temperature up to 120°C.


  • Connecting flue pipes and modular plastic flue systems,
  • for the evacuation of dry or wet fumes,
  • under pressure or depression,
  • from the appliance to the atmosphere.

Fuels and product use suitable for

Application of the product

Available diameters

80/100 - 100/120
Upon request


Included and installed on D.80/100 and D.100/120.

Designation of the product

Product marking according to the European rule: CE 0476 EN 14471.

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PPinox-10 PPrame-10

Description of the product

A: Outer wall stainless steel AISI 304 th.4/10 – Cuprinox
B: Inner wall polypropylene th.2 mm
C: 10 mm static air gap for protection only
D: EPDM silicone gasket from (-90°C to +200°C)


Use with gasket

EN 14471: T120 – P1 – W – 2 – O00 LE E UO
EN 14471: T120 – H1 – W – 2 – O00 LE E UO
T120: Class of temperature (120°C)
P1 e H1: Class of pressure (P1: 200Pa) (H1:5000Pa)
W: Resistance and condensation tightness (W: wet)
2: Resistance to corrosion (Yes)
O: Resistance to soot fire (O: no – G: yes)
00: Distance from combustible materials (0 mm)
LE: Positioning (only indoor and outdoor)
E: Reaction to fire (Poor flame reaction properties)
UO: Protection