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M.T. s.r.l. was born in 1996 from Romano Caoduro and his partners’s attitude, M.T. s.r.l. avails itself of founders and workers great experience in chimney field.

M.T. s.r.l. mission is the best quality of its chimneys, for this reason, we, the founders, research the best materials and we choose suppliers with our production target. We manage our production to reduce wastes and inefficiencies.
We use innovative software to product the best chimneys ad so
we can certificate stainless steel and copper chimneys.
From a long time, besides, we use other materials with an important value as TITANIUM: this
material solves corrosion problems to be chimney eternal.

The flexibility is one of the most important characteristic of our farm. We could comply with customers and their particular requirements thanks to out technical staff creativity and speed to realize products.

We always try to improve our products and to attain our costumer’s pleasure, for this reason we obtain an EUROPEAN PATENT for a new type coupling in a LARGE DIAMETER TUBES.
Our attitude is to improve ourselves with innovation, in particular in crisis or difficult period,we always want to compete with the biggest industries.

So we believe that our work devotion and our skill are the genesis of our past, present and future success.
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M.T. S.r.l - Via I° Maggio, 19 Z.I. - 31040 Giavera del Montello (TV) - Tel:0422 870215 - Fax:0422 870240
http://www.mtcamini.it - e-mail:info@mtcamini.it

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