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M.T. s.r.l. company offers its costumers “MONO-ECO” e “ECO DOUBLE WALL” systems: new generation chimneys created by continued push for innovation and by necessity to maximum energy savings.
Both “Mono-Eco system” as “double-wall ECO system” consists of a series of products designed to satisfy even the most demanding requirements of our costumers, but always in full compliance with applicable standards.
Insulation, low thermal inertia, the flues perfectly connected, smooth walls (inexistent roughness), tightness of smoke in all operating conditions through the use of gaskets, high resistance to chemical attack, excellent temperature resistance (rated up to 600°C), mechanical resistance to high temperature and, at the same time chemical attack are the main points on which M.T. s.r.l. has based its research. If one adds to this the lightness and the modularity of the “Mono- Eco system” and the insulating performance of “Eco double-wall ECO system” you can realize why MTSrl gives its products the designation “high efficiency systems”.
MT srl has carried out tests with positive results for the achievement of an important compliance certification with European quality about the mechanical seal of its chimneys joints, both from the mechanical point of view as the corrosion resistance.

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