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Double wall Eco system products is one of the most important thing in M.T. s.r.l. environment.

Insulation, low thermical inertness, perfect joined flues, polished wall (wrinkledness doesn’t exist), gas proofs in any conditions thanks to gaskets, chemical aggression high resistance, high temperature excellent resistance, mechanical resistance and excellent isolating performance:these are some of the most important M.T. s.r.l. research objects and, for this reason, M.T. s.r.l. could call its products “ high efficiency systems”.

“Double wall eco system” is the best in the range for a great number of reason, in particular:

  • you can choose between 2 high isolation thickness ( 25 mm and 50 mm);
  • Stainless steel 316L inside wall, standard 5/10 thickness from Ø80 to Ø50 and 6/10 thickness from Ø180 to the bigger. Stainless steel 316L 8/10 thickness at request;
  • Bright steel (€ 304 Sp. 5/10), copper or painted RAL steel external;
  • Longitudinal weldings with TIG automatic process;
  • “ A glass” couplings with place for silicon gasket and junction fascias between the elements to secure mechanical stability.
The system have all the elements and accessories to satisfy law and installation system exigency.

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