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Orders must be submitted in writing to the MT or through our agents. Any changes must be clear, expliciting on time references to the date and n° order to change. The terms of delivery are always "UNEXPECTED EXCEPTION" and are indicative. Unavailability of suppliers, partial and temporary shutdowns of production is considered "unexpected". We will minimize any disruption.

M.T. s.r.l. reserves the right to make changes effectively on its products and price changes at any time and without notice, except the communication of change.

For not standard items or made exclusively on customer demand, it is necessary creation of a working drawing.The cost of these items will be communicated to the costumer and, upon approval, He will be bound to collect the goods.

We do not accept unless expressly authorized. The material covered eventual return must keep all the features of "marketability". The product must be intact in its packaging and must be accompanied by documentation containing all the details of the purchase document. The return will be credited 85% of its value. The burden and the risk of shipping will paid by the transferor. N.B. It’s not considerable material return after 3 months of delivery.

Disputes and complaints should be made in writing within “SEVEN” days receipt of goods. Past this deadline, M.T. srl considers fallen its responsabilities. In case of shortage or damage of the goods, it’s duty of costumer to report necessary annotations on the trasportation documents, and comunicate it to our Sales department. The Company will provide the necessary cost of replacement.

MT srl guarantees the quality of its products. The warranty period for defects of non-compliance is 24 months from the date of delivery. Moreover, It responds to a period of 10 years from the date of delivery for efficiency of its flue systems, provided it is demonstrated the correct assembly. It does not guarantee its products against damage caused by corrosive substances in the environment (see table values of corrosion on page 36) or incorrect installation.

The delivered goods “account overview” must return within three months. The return must show the date in the document and the number of supply document. Transportation is paid by the transferee.

Payments accepted are cash, checks, money orders and bank drafts. The failure or delay in payment by the buyer will incur a charge of expenses and interest accrued at the rate in force upon expiration. Contribution of 10 euros for the practical management of outstanding debts.


The data reported in the commissions will be processed and finalized the contract for the supply to administrative duties, production and sales. It’s guaranteed maximum security and confidentiality of data provided in accordance with Law 675 of 31/12/1996 and subsequent changes effectively.

For all disputes the competent judicial authority of the Court of Treviso
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